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Precautions For First Use Of Pancake Baking Machine

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Precautions for first use of pancake baking machine

1. When using for the first time, wipe the heating plate clean with a damp cloth, and wipe a small amount of edible oil on the upper and lower heating plates.

2. Plug in the power plug and turn on the power switch. When the heating indicator light is on, the electric cake pan starts to preheat and completes the process before the product can work normally. The heating is interrupted during the baking process to maintain a constant temperature. Therefore, the heating indicator light has no direct relationship with whether the food is cooked.

pancake baking machine

3. During product operation, it is strictly forbidden to touch the heating plate and product surface with hands to avoid scalding. The product is of suspended design, and the height of the electric cake pan is automatically adjusted according to the food thickness.

4. Put in the food to be baked and cover it. It can also be learned by experience when referring to food processing. Generally, when the heat around the electric pancake pan decreases, it indicates that the food is ripe. After use, wait a few minutes after power off, and then wipe with a wet foam cloth.

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