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Advantages Of Sweet Potato Cleaning Line

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Hairy roller vegetable cleaning machine is applied to the cleaning and desilting of radish, potato, sweet potato, konjak and other rhizome fruits and vegetables; The cleaning rate of pig head, pig feet, pig ears and other meat products after roasting, such as ash removal, decontamination and impurity removal, especially pig head, pig feet, pig ears and so on, is up to 95%.

The hair roller continuous automatic potato peeling machine is made of food grade stainless steel, which is solid. All the hair rollers are made of imported resin, which has high toughness and good performance, so as to achieve the effects of high cleaning, labor saving, water saving, equipment and reliability. Welcome new and old customers to visit and negotiate cooperation!

High output sweet potatoes for export are required to be high, not to break the skin, but also clean. Huabang mechanical sweet potato cleaning line is cleaned without damage.potato peeling machine

Advantages of sweet potato cleaning line:

1) Continuous feeding and discharging, double cleaning, to achieve the cleaning effect.

2) Equip corresponding production lines according to the equipment capacity to meet the production demand.

3) Save labor.

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