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How to use the potato peeling machine

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1. How to use the potato peeling machine: before the machine is started, put the potatoes from the cover, and the tp350 peeling machine is suitable for 5-8KG each time; Tp450 peeling machine is suitable for 15-25kg each time.

2. Open the water inlet switch, flush water into the barrel, properly adjust the water inlet, press the barrel cover tightly, and start the switch.

3. After the machine works for about 2 minutes, turn off the power switch and the water inlet switch. Depending on the peeling condition of the potatoes, if the potatoes have been peeled off, put the container for potatoes under the dustpan of the feeding drum, open the discharging door, and start the power switch. The potatoes will be automatically discharged from the drum door under the rotation of the dial.

potato peeling machine

4. After the potatoes are continuously desanded for about five times or after each use, a part of potato skin and soil will be accumulated at the bottom of the rotary drum. At this time, the cover of the drum will be removed, the dialing tray will be put out, washed with water, and then installed once. When removing the cylinder cover, first lift the clamp spring at one side to save effort; When installing, first put the cover into one side of the snap ring obliquely, and then press the cover into the other side of the snap ring with a little force, so that it is not easy to jack up the barrel cover during operation.

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