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Band Sawing Machine Uses A Saw As A Cutting Tool

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Band sawing machine uses a saw as a cutting tool to cut and cut wood through the reciprocating motion of a strip saw or band saw or the rotating motion of a circular saw. Common band saw machines include band saw and circular saw. Sawing injury accidents mainly include sawing injury, saw blade fracture ejection, wood strike injury, etc. Sawing injury is prevented by using safety protection devices and correct operation.

band saw

1. The thickness of the band saw blade should be compatible with the matching band saw wheel. Avoid using large thickness saw blade for small wheel, which will cause fracture and injury.

2. The sawtooth should be sharp, and the tooth depth should not exceed 1/4 of the width of the saw blade.

3. The band saw blade shall be welded firmly and smoothly, with more than 3 joints. The length between the two joints shall be more than 1/5 of the total length, and the thickness of the joint shall be basically the same as that of the saw blade.

4. The transverse crack of the band saw blade shall be strictly controlled. If the crack is too long, it shall be cut off and re welded.

5. The sports car track of the large band saw should be straight, with travel switches at both ends, and warning bars should be set on both sides of the sports car.

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