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Operation Guide For Automatic Screw Locking Machine

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The use of automatic screw tightening machine is relatively simple. Simply speaking, employees can place products, and the equipment automatically performs screw feeding, screw tightening, testing and other processes. Generally, there are the following steps:

1. Check the energization of ventilation and turn on the power switch and ventilation valve.

2. Check the driving stroke of all parts. The coordinate type also needs to program and control different products in advance to set the locking path.

3. Put in the products to be screwed and jog or inch them one by one, so as to check the accuracy of all work and the position of travel.

screw tightening machine

4. Start up and test run, and check the effect and quality of the finished product, but after everything is stable, it can be safely used for production.

5. Regularly conduct quality inspection and performance judgment.

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