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How To Operate Automatic Screw Locking Machine

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Operating Instructions for Automatic screw tightening machine

1. Turn on the power, connect the air source, and adjust the torque and air pressure;

2. Pour the screws into the screw silo, and the screw amount should not exceed the height of the screw conveying rail;

3. Check whether the dial switch corresponds to the product model;

4. Before locking the screws for the first time, check whether there is a screw to be locked in the clamp mouth of the electric screwdriver;

screw tightening machine

5. If there is not a screw waiting to be locked on the clamping nozzle of the electric screwdriver, press the test button to make the machine move twice to ensure that there is a screw on the clamping nozzle of the electric screwdriver waiting to be locked;

6. Check whether the adjustment switch of the feeder vibrator is at the specified position;

7. After inspection, press the reset switch to start production.

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