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Five Step Easy Operation Screw Locking Machine

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Attention must be paid to the automatic screw tightening machine in the use process to avoid equipment failure caused by operation error. In general, the following points need to be paid special attention in the use process:

1. Ensure that the screws are smooth in the sliding process of the guide rail, and clear the obstacles of the guide rail in time;

2. The screw conveying pipe shall not be bent or bent to prevent the screw from being stuck at the bend during the conveying process, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment;

3. When screwing, the screwdriver can only be lifted to complete the locking action after the torque reaches the preset value. Do not lift the screwdriver before the screw reaches the preset value to avoid equipment failure;

screw tightening machine

4. During the operation of the screw driver, the air pressure shall not be set too high, otherwise it is easy to accelerate the wear speed around the electric screwdriver;

5. During the operation of the screw driver, the adjustment of the vibration disk should be limited. Do not adjust the vibration too much, which will cause the screw to fall down in the guide rail and affect the normal operation of the machine. However, the adjustment should not be too low, which will affect the screening strength of the screw during transportation and alignment.

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