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Guide For Operation Of Log Push Table Saw

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The working area of the log pushing table saw is mainly composed of ten parts: the frame, the main saw part, the slot saw part, the lateral guide baffle, the fixed table, the sliding pushing table, the oblique saw guide plate, the bracket, the oblique saw angle display device, and the lateral guide baffle. It is a working platform that can be moved according to the needs. The design is exquisite and reasonable, and it is very easy to use.

What should be paid attention to in the operation of the log pushing table saw?

table saw

1. Clean the surrounding area and the table of the push table saw.

2. Check whether the saw blade is sharp and whether the large and small saw blades are on the same line.

3. Machine test: it takes about 1 minute to check whether the machine is normal. Check the rotation deviation of the large and small saw blades and ensure that the rotation deviation of the saw blades is accurate.

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