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Operation Guide For Log Chopper

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The log splitter is used to chop large logs into small logs that are more suitable for use. It is widely used. After the chopper of the wood chopper splits the log into two halves, the two halves of wood will split toward both sides of the chopper, and the split wood may hit the operator. In order to overcome the defects of the prior art, it is an object of the present invention to provide a firewood chopper with safe operation and high service life. 

log splitterIn order to achieve the above objectives, the technical solution of the present invention is: a firewood chopper, comprising a main body, a chopper driven by a motor arranged on the main body, and a longitudinal arm extending longitudinally along the direction of the chopper relative to the workpiece feeding and beyond the chopper. The longitudinal arm has a first end and a second end, and the first end is movably connected with the main body. The cleaver is rotationally moved by a motor and is fed relative to the workpiece along its rotation axis. The first end is pivotally connected to the main body.

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