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Working Principle Of Firewood Chopping Machine

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The invention aims to provide a log splitter with safe operation and long service life. To achieve the above purpose, the technical solution of the invention is: a firewood chopping machine, including a main body, a motor driven chopping knife arranged on the main body, a longitudinal arm extending longitudinally along the direction of the chopping knife relative to the workpiece feed and beyond the chopping knife is also arranged on the main body, the longitudinal arm has a first end and a second end, and the first end is movably connected with the main body.

 log splitterThe cutter rotates under the drive of the motor and feeds relative to the workpiece along its rotation axis. The first end is pivotally connected with the main body. The first end is provided with a pivot axis which is perpendicular to the plane determined by the rotation axis of the cleat and the extension line of the longitudinal arm. A torsion spring is arranged between the first end and the main body, and the free end of the torsion spring is respectively connected with the main body and the main body.

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