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It Is A Safe And Long-life Firewood Cutting Machine

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It is a safe and long-life firewood cutting machine. In order to achieve the above purpose, the technical solution of the invention is: log splitter, including a main body, a motor-driven cleaver set on the main body, and the main body is also provided with a longitudinal arm extending longitudinally along the direction of the cleaver relative to the workpiece feed and exceeding the cleaver, 

log splitterthe longitudinal arm has a first end and a second end, and the first end is movably connected with the main body. The cutter rotates under the drive of a motor and feeds relative to the workpiece along its rotation axis. The first end is pivotally connected with the main body. The first end has a pivot axis which is perpendicular to the plane determined by the rotation axis of the cleat and the extension line of the longitudinal arm.

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