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Maintenance Of Magnetic Gas Pipe Cutter Tube Cutting Machine

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Maintenance Of Magnetic Gas Pipe Cutter Tube Cutting Machine:

1. During the use of the cutting machine, always use a brush to remove the iron filings, garbage and other dirt adhered to the roller.

2. The steel pipe surface (the part where the magnetic wheel travels) shall be cleaned of iron filings, rust and other dirt with a wire brush. The steel pipe with wet paint shall not be cut to prevent the paint from sticking to the roller and reducing the magnetic attraction.

3. During cutting, it is necessary to prevent the oxygen acetylene gas pipe and the power cord from catching other objects, which may cause the cutting machine to fall down and be damaged.

4. After the cutting machine is used up, it should be placed on the magnetic protective iron plate and stored in a dry place to avoid rust and demagnetization of the roller.

magnetic gas pipe cutter

5. The deceleration part is lubricated with molybdenum disulfide No. 9 grease, which should be replaced every half a year. Before replacement, it should be cleaned with carbon tetrachloride, and then coated with lubricating grease.

6. After the magnetic wheel is used for a certain period of time (generally about one year), if demagnetization is found and the adsorption force is reduced, the magnetic wheel group can be removed and re magnetized.

7. In the process of use, if it is found that the downhill impulse of the machine is too large, the left and right upper covers can be opened to adjust the left and right brackets, and the meshing clearance of worm and helical gear can be ensured to ensure the cutting quality.

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