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Basic Operation Tutorial And Steps Of CNC Lathe

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Basic operation tutorial and steps of CNC lathe:

1. Familiar with the operation panel of CNC machine tools. Be familiar with the functions and positions of each control button.

2. After starting up, return the CNC machine tool to the origin. (press the back to home button on the control panel, and then press the start button to start).

3. Put the processed workpiece on the workbench. (small workpieces can be glued firmly, while large workpieces need to be fixed by pressing plates. The bottom of the workpieces should be flat.).

CNC lathe

4. Then set the coordinate system. The coordinate system refers to the coordinate position of the machined workpiece. Generally, the workpiece is machined in four directions. By touching the periphery of the workpiece with the tool, the workpiece coordinates can be set, and then the coordinate values can be input to the control panel.

5. Next is the z-axis tool setting. Select a suitable machining tool and use the tool bar to set the tool on the workbench. For example, the relative height value needs to be set at the top of the workpiece. After reading the value, input the z-axis value into the control panel.

6. Finally, adjust the processing program and set the processing speed to process.

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