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Five Advanced Technical Advantages Of Knife Sharpener

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Five advanced technical advantages of knife sharpener:

1. In the design of the sharpener body, the original loose frame structure is changed into a closed welded steel plate structure. The strength of the machine body is greatly improved and the service life is prolonged.

2. For welded steel plates and metal materials, the full vibration aging treatment process is adopted, which significantly eliminates and reduces the natural deformation degree of the whole machine after processing.

3. In the transmission part, the original belt transmission is changed into rack transmission, which overcomes the uneven falling point of the traveling speed and ensures its reliability and stability.

knife sharpener

4. The original design that the swing angle of the grinding head of the sharpener is greater than 90 instead of 30 makes it easier and faster to move up and down the workpiece and replace the grinding wheel.

5. The grinding head adopts automatic feeding design during machining and feeding, which improves the degree of automation. It effectively saves manpower and time required for manual feeding and improves the labor level of operators.

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