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The Correct Operation Process Of The Knife Sharpener

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As a machine for grinding metal equipment, the correct operation of CNC knife grinder is not only to ensure the normal operation of the machine, but also to prevent personal injury. Then, what is the correct operation process of the knife sharpener?

1、 Before operating the machine, be sure to carefully read the instructions to prevent accidental injury caused by misoperation.

2、 Check whether the three-phase four wire power is normal, and whether the running direction of the grinding head and grinding wheel is consistent with the direction indicated by the travel button.

3、 During the operation of the machine, the rails shall be filled with oil for lubrication at any time to prevent wear caused by lack of oil.knife sharpener

4、 In the process of calibrating the tool, if there is any error on the left and right, it can be adjusted by the adjusting screw on the tool holder.

5、 In the process of sharpening, attention should be paid to that the feed should not be too large, which is generally controlled between 0.01 and 0.02mm, in order to prevent too much feed from causing the paste knife and excessive heat to deform the blade, so that the sharpened blade edge is not in a straight line.

6、 When there is burr on the blade edge, it indicates that the blade has been ground. At this time, it is not necessary to feed the blade until the spark becomes smaller. Remove the blade and deburr it with an oilstone. (The use method of the oilstone attached to the instruction manual must be strictly followed)

7、 When the machine is not in use, the water stains on the knife rest must be wiped clean, and grease or oil must be applied to prevent rust.

8、 The oil filling hole on the machine must be filled with oil before starting up every day.

9、 The user must pay attention to the process of sharpening the knife and loading and unloading the knife to avoid personal injury.

This is almost the work process of the knife grinder. If you operate the knife grinder in strict accordance with the above process, there should be no major mechanical failure or personal injury.

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