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Steel Bar Straightening Machine

Operation Specification Of Steel Bar Straightening Machine

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Operation specification of steel bar straightening machine

1. According to the diameter of the straightened steel bar, select the appropriate straightening block, pulling guide pulley groove and driving speed. The diameter of the straightening block shall be 2~5mm larger than the diameter of the reinforcement, and the width of the traction wheel groove shall be the same as the diameter of the straightening reinforcement.

steel bar straightening machine

2. Adjustment of straightening block. There are five straightening blocks in the general straightening cylinder. The first and fifth straightening blocks must be placed on the center line, and the middle three can deviate from the center line.

3. After cutting off three or four bars, stop the machine to check whether the length is appropriate. If there is any deviation, adjust the limit switch or the sizing plate until it is appropriate.

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