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Safety Operation Procedures for Macaroni Machine

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Safety Operation Procedures for macaroni machine:

1. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to put hands, feet or any part of the body into the machine or close to the running machine parts.

2. The operator shall not leave when the machine is running.

3. Do not climb when the machine is running.

4. It is forbidden to transfer tools with machines. It is forbidden to place tools and other objects on the machine to avoid entering the machine and causing functional accidents.

5. Keep the working area and body around the machine clean and tidy. The floor, platform and interior of the machine need to be cleaned regularly. Remove grease, engine oil and other sliding objects in time to prevent personnel from slipping.

macaroni machine

6. The emergency stop button must be locked before entering the machine for operation. If necessary, the power must be cut off and locked.

7. Non professionals are not allowed to open the electrical junction box, power cabinet, power distribution cabinet and control cabinet at will. Professional guidance is required when necessary.

8. Some machines may be cleaned with some solvents. No matter what solvent is used, pay attention to skin protection. Protective articles such as gloves shall be used. After that, the remaining solvent should be placed in the designated solvent storage place immediately to avoid accidents when the machine is working.

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