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How To Use The Multi-function Macaroni Machine

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How to use the multi-function macaroni machine:

1. First, select the mold head, install the noodle mold head and mixer, mixing cup, screw, mold head cover and feed barrel in place, and tighten the mold head cover to avoid affecting the surface making effect.

2. Use a flour cup to weigh 400g of flour, add about 2 square cups of dry flour into the mixing cup, and then prepare the corresponding amount of water, about 130ml.

macaroni machine

3. Press the auto/stop button, the corresponding indicator light will be permanently lit, the motor starts, automatically drives the flour mixer device to stir the flour for about 3 minutes, and then runs in the opposite direction to enter the process of flour outlet. It will stop automatically after the finishing process. After the work is completed, the indicator light of the auto/stop key will stop flashing. Press the Auto/Stop key during the operation, and the machine will stop working and enter the standby state.

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