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You Must Have Never Seen This Horizontal Sawmill

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Generally, the horizontal sawmill sawing machine has the following steps:

1. Add water to the water tank of the horizontal band sawing machine, and the water level is limited to the upper part of the water pump suction port behind the bed;

2. Close the circuit breaker switch of the sawing machine, unscrew the master stop switch, start the operation of the oil pump, turn the speed regulating switch counterclockwise to the slowest stop, and open the rising switch;

3. Turn over the saw blade wheel door and hang the saw blade. The saw blade must be close to the upper edge of the belt pulley;

4. Turn over the oil tank cover in front of the band sawing machine, add wear-resistant hydraulic oil first, and limit the oil level to high filter screen;


5。 Raise the upper crossbeam of the horizontal band sawing machine to the highest position, then open the operation switch, and the saw wheel starts to roll. It is specially reminded that the counterclockwise rolling of the saw blade and gear is a forward rotation, and after the test run, turn off the master stop switch;

6. Adjust the left guide arm according to the width of the workpiece processed by the band sawing machine. The right guide arm cannot be moved. It has been adjusted before leaving the factory. It is best that the guide head of the sawing machine is 20mm from the workpiece;

7. Open the band saw operation switch, rotate the speed regulating switch after the saw wheel rolls, and adjust the feed speed of the saw blade (the new saw blade cannot be too fast, and it needs to be accelerated after running in for a period of time);

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