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Processing Technology For Actual Operation Of Nail Making Machine

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Processing technology for actual operation of nail making machine:

1. Straightening of coiled metal materials, feeding effect

The sheave mechanism is selected to carry out the actual operation of feeding. When the pin wheel continues to rotate for one circle, the sheave rotates for 1/4 circle. When the sheave is fed, the stainless steel wire carries out the actual operation of full automatic straightening according to the roller bearing on the left side of the front view.

2. Clamping effect of product workpiece

The cam mechanism is selected for clamping, and the stainless steel wire is clamped and released according to the repeated movement of the swing rod. The round-trip fitness movement of the clamping rod is completed by the continuous rotation of the camshaft.

nail making machine

3. Cold heading effect of product workpiece

The cold upsetting of stainless steel wire shall be carried out by using the crank slider organization. The crankshaft shall be connected with the transmission gear, and the transmission gear shall be driven when it rotates.

4. Cold extrusion of product workpiece - disconnection

The cam mechanism is selected. The basic principle of the product workpiece is very similar to the clamping equipment. The sliding block of the moving guide rail moves repeatedly to and fro, and then cold upsets the stainless steel wire.

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