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What Is The Use Knowledge Of Nail Making Machine

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Nailing machine equipment is easy to operate. The steel bar passes through the mold through the sharpening machine to pull the steel bar to the diameter required for nailing, and then through the nailing machine, the nailing machine can be operated after the nail is turned on, and finally polished. During nailing, attention should be paid to the lubrication of all parts of the nailing machine. After understanding, it can also be operated easily. One person can operate multiple nailing machines. During nailing, multiple nailing machines can work at the same time.

1、 Before using the nail making machine. The nail machine uses three-phase electricity to ensure the power of the whole machine. Taking a set of equipment as an example, the site needs about 70 square meters. Labor force: 1-2 people.

2、 When the nail machine is in use. The installation site should be dry and tidy, so that the machine has a good environment, and the waste residue on the machine should be cleaned on time to avoid the occurrence of dangerous events. The small nail machine needs to be equipped with a mechanism wrench, and it is a common model for screws on the machine.

nail making machine

When the nail machine produces nails with different lengths, it needs to change the mold. The range of nails that can be produced by a small nail machine is different. Therefore, when producing nails, we should choose as needed.

The early operation mode of the nail machine is equipped with an incoming line control handle. During the operation, the incoming line should be controlled or stopped at any time according to the operation requirements of the machine.

3、 After the nail machine is used. After nailing, if the nails are found to be different in length, or there is a problem with the nail cap and nail tip, the reason should be found immediately. If the problem is unknown, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer's technical personnel as a task to guide the repair work.

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