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Correct Use Method Of Wood Burning Fireplace

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What I want to introduce is how to correctly use modern real fireplace. Some people think that it is a simple problem to light a fire? Is there any introduction? The answer is no, the modern real fireplace is really exquisite.

Step 1: First, check whether the air door of the fireplace is open. As a function of connecting with the outside air, the damper is directly related to the quality of indoor air. It is a device used to control the air flowing through the flue. Make sure that the air door is open, so that the smoke will not flow back into the space. After opening, it will be easier for ignition.

Step 2: Make sure what kind of fireplace is a closed fireplace. Make sure the fireplace is at room temperature before ignition. Because the cold air is heavier than the warm air, opening the fireplace will allow the warm air to form an updraft to top the cold air and prevent the cold air from pouring back.

Step 3: Check the air flow. Light a match at the furnace wall opening or wall channel and observe whether the direction of air flow is rising or sinking. If it sinks, it is difficult to ignite. It is necessary to find smokeless igniters to heat the furnace wall to help form updraft.


Step 4: Precautions for ignition. First, place the kindling under the grate, and then place matches on the grate. Second, don't use too many newspapers. Better, lay the matches.

Step 5: Ignite the ignition and ignite the igniter. Pay attention to the smoking in the first half hour.

Step 6: Ventilate the window a little, and then add large wood blocks. Finally, you can go out.

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