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Operating Process Of Wood-burning Fireplace

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Operating process of wood-burning fireplace:

1. First, make sure that the chimney has been cleaned by professionals. With the passage of time, heterophenol smoke will accumulate in the flue, making it vulnerable to fire.

2. Before lighting the fire, please remember to open the fireplace damper to prevent smoke from entering your living room.

3. If your fireplace has no grate, please add a tool to ensure safety and maintain the airflow required for continuous combustion.


4. Place two thin pieces of wood without bark parallel in the furnace, about six inches away from each other.

5. Stack flammable igniters, whether newspapers, branches or both, between the two wooden blocks in the previous step.

6. Place two additional wooden blocks perpendicular to the first two. You should get a primitive cabin structure.

7. Carry out ignition.

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