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Precautions For Micro Tillage Machine At The Initial Stage Of Use

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Precautions for micro tillage machine at the initial stage of use

1. Before using the rotary tiller, please run in the medium throttle for more than 12 hours without load, drain off the engine and chassis running in oil (add it into the chassis after sedimentation), clean the oil filter screen, and add clean CD grade 40 # diesel oil for reuse.

rotary tiller

2. At the initial stage of use, the micro tiller shall not be overloaded. It shall be tilled with medium and small loads for more than 48 hours, and the engine and chassis oil shall be replaced (clean engine oil shall be added after cleaning the engine and chassis).

3. At the end of the running in period, change the engine oil every 180 hours.

4. During farming, pay attention to cleaning the appearance of the machine to keep it cool.

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