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Operation Method Of Noodle Machine

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Operation method of noodle machine:

1. The machine shall be installed on a dry and ventilated level ground to ensure stable and reliable operation of the machine.

2. Before use, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the use of the machine; Whether the wire core with grounding symbol is reliably grounded; Whether the steering meets the requirements; Install the face dustpan and joint dustpan according to the position shown in the figure. (For the convenience of packaging and transportation, the dustpan along the surface is not installed on the machine)

3. Mixing flour: for products with a flour mixing mechanism, when the reversing switch is set to "pouring", the mixer in the flour mixing hopper starts to operate. After the flour is mixed evenly, open the feeder switch to automatically remove the flour. (It is recommended to remove the noodle cutter when mixing noodles to prolong its service life).

noodle machine

4. Dough processing: set the switch to the "straight" position to perform the dough machinist. When the mixed dough is kneaded and pressed by the roller, the roller gap should be adjusted from thick to thin. The thickness of the incoming surface is 2 to 3 times the thickness of the outgoing surface. After repeated kneading and pressing, the noodles can improve the strength and taste. It is recommended that users make full use of the kneading and pressing function of the machine. The face piece before cutting shall be 3~5mm thick and rolled with a roll bar for standby.

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