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Safety Operation Procedures For Noodle Machine

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Safety operation procedures for noodle machine:

1. Any solvent shall not be placed near the high-temperature part of the machine or electrical components.

2. When the machine breaks down, stop the machine immediately and report to the maintenance personnel on duty, and notify other personnel who may use the machine.

3. Once an accident occurs, report it to the leader of the relevant department immediately, protect the site, and write a true written report according to the current situation.

4. Timely complete daily and weekly maintenance tasks of equipment.

noodle machine

5. Wear work clothes, flat shoes and hard hats for long hair. Loose articles on clothes, ornaments, dishcloths, tools or long hair are easy to be screwed into the treadmill. To avoid serious personal injury, do not wear loose clothes, such as shirt hem and long tie, during operation.

6. It is forbidden to put tools, coins, pens, mobile phones, lighters and other items in your pocket. It is not allowed to hang keys, BPS and other items at the waist to prevent them from falling into the machine.

7. If the operation with gloves is easy to be rolled into the machine, it is not allowed to operate the machine with gloves.

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