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Operation Guide For Noodle Machine Made In China

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People like to make all kinds of food at home. Because the food outside is more and more unsanitary, and various additives are added, people like to make all kinds of food at home. When making food, we need all kinds of electrical appliances. Today, I will talk about the precautions for using the electric noodle machine.

Before starting the electric noodle machine, check whether there are sundries on the roller and noodle knife, and start the machine after cleaning. Noodle machine is necessary to cut off the power supply when wiping the machine. The accumulated surface shall be cleaned timely after each use. Do not use sharp air to scrape two rolls and noodle knives.

noodle machine

When using the electric noodle machine, it is necessary to run the machine empty first to check whether there is any abnormal sound. If the machine idles normally, it can be used. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether there is any sundries on the roll and the dough knife. The operator should pay attention to keeping a certain safe distance between the hand and the roll when feeding the noodles. When the machine is running, it is necessary to ensure personal safety.

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