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Operation Method Of Small Noodle Machine

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Operation Method Of Small noodle machine£º

1. Mixing flour: prepare the salt and alkali required by flour and water. First, pour the flour into the flour mixer, and then add an appropriate amount of water (30% water content). Start the flour mixer to fully mix the flour and water, and mix them into flocs. The mixed fabric will be better placed for 10 minutes.

2. Start up: before rolling noodles, clean the noodle machine (especially the parts in contact with food), plug in the top head and connect the ground wire.

noodle machine

3. Surface rolling: first remove the cutting knife, adjust the adjusting bolts at both ends of the surface pressing roll, and adjust the gap between the two rolls to 2.5-3mm. Insert the plug into the 220V power socket, press the switch, after the surface pressing machine starts and operates normally, put the reconciled surface into the surface bucket and lead it into the two rollers, and press it repeatedly for 3-5 times.

4. Cutting: install the cutting knife. Sprinkle a little dry flour on the surface of the pressed dough and put it in the middle of the dough roll to cut into noodles.

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