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How To Operate The Automatic Noodle Machine

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The noodle machine is commonly known as the noodle pressing machine, also known as the noodle hanging machine. The noodle machine of our company draws on the strengths of others and is composed of multiple groups of noodle rollers. It is automatic strip picking, one-time forming and assembly line production. It has high degree of automation, simple operation and high efficiency.

Advantages of noodle machine equipment:

1. The equipment is driven by reducer, with stable operation, low noise and long service life.

2. The pressing roller is made of chromium nickel alloy steel, which is precision cast by special process, and the surface is treated by wire drawing. Its surface is smooth, high strength and durable. The pressing roller has the function of kneading noodles, and there is no need for additional ripening in the production of noodles.

3. The rotating part adopts high-precision imported bearings, which are durable, flexible and stable.

4. The guard plate adopts stainless steel embossed panel, and the wooden part of the face bucket is decorated with stainless steel plate, which is safe, hygienic, beautiful and beautiful.

5. The power part adopts the national standard red copper core motor, which has strong power and is not easy to be damaged.

noodle machine

Noodle machine equipment functions:

1. It has automatic blanking, automatic continuous rolling, automatic cutting, automatic section and automatic rod loading.

2. The machine has the functions of automatic cutting, automatic continuous pressing, automatic cutting, automatic section, automatic rod loading, automatic powder spreading, automatic skin folding, etc. 3. The equipment can produce all kinds of round noodles, flat noodles (such as fresh noodles, vermicelli, sliced noodles, beef noodles, stewed noodles, hot and dry noodles, hand rolled noodles, cold noodles, etc.), dumpling skin, wonton skin, willow leaf noodles and other products. The products produced have smooth surface, good taste, fast cooking, and the tendons are resistant to boiling and do not paste the soup.

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