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Adjustment method of pressing roller of noodle machine

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The pressing roller is a component used to press the noodles into dough in the noodle machine. Whether its adjustment is correct directly affects the thickness of dough pressing. Today, we mainly explain the adjustment method of the pressing roller, hoping to be helpful to you. To adjust the pressure roller, the gap between the pressure rollers is reduced from front to back. For example,

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the first group of rollers is 1-2mm, the second group of rollers is 1.5mm, the third group of rollers is 0.5mm, and the fourth group of rollers is 0.5mm. This time, reduce the gap of the pressing roller in turn. The surface flocs can be pressed into one to thin patches. However, during adjustment, it should be noted that the gap at both ends of the pressing roller must be consistent, otherwise the patches will easily deviate.

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