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Indian noodle machine prices and manufacturers

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The noodle machine machine is completed by one machine, which is easy to use, move freely, operate more simply and come out more vigorously. Let's talk about the installation and operation instructions of the hydraulic dough maker

1. Loosen the adjusting screw and move the movable support to adapt to the size of the pot;

2. Place the pressure rod on the support on the machine leg. At this time, the pawl does not mesh with the ratchet wheel. Turn the handle to raise the rack;

3. Take out the flour bucket and load the pressed food;

4. Put the pressed food in the flour bucket back in place;

noodle machine

5. Turn the handle to make the rack drop to no gap with the pressed food;

6. Hold the handle, do not reverse the ratchet, and shake the pressure rod up and down to press out the food;

7. Unscrew the pressing lock nut to clean the face barrel panel;

8. After use, clean the surface barrel, rack plate and leakage panel.

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